You need our eyes to see us

Exploring children's solidarity mindset and performance in a museum context


  • Jose Antonio Gordillo Martorell Founder & CEO Cultural Inquiry



children-centred approach, solidarity, museum, cultural participation, co-creation, social sustainability


Solidarity is a multifaceted concept often influenced by personal narratives and cultural
contexts. In some cases, it can be distorted by superficial displays, as seen in ‘solidarity-washing’
prevalent in various sectors. Breaking free from this cycle necessitates a fresh perspective. Museums
and children offer a unique avenue. A pilot initiative, conducted by the Museum of Communication
of Bern in collaboration with Cultural Inquiry, reveals that the minds of children, and in particular those
from migrant backgrounds, can offer genuine insights into authentic solidarity. Through the innovative
‘Children’s Board’ methodology, children’s unfiltered thoughts and actions illuminate a path toward a
sincerity-based, children-centric approach to solidarity, emphasizing radical vulnerability and genuine




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